2016 Finance Awards

International Finance Awards 2016 / 19 OE160022 As a specialist auction finance provider, Together has strong relationships with auction houses across the UK, with its representatives attending over 300 auctions every year. The business is known for its common sense approach to lending, reviewing each case on an individual basis and looking at a wide range of properties, including those that a mainstream finance provider may not typically consider. Together has seen strong growth in its auction finance division over the last few years and in the 12 months to 30 June 2016, lent £79 million for auction properties – a 32% increase on the previous year. Scott Hendry, Director at Together commented: “Together prides itself on speed, service and flexibility which is essential in the auction sector where buyers usually only have 28 days or less to complete a purchase. Thanks to our understanding of the auction market and our extensive experience in delivering funding to auction buyers, we’re able to deliver funds within tight timescales to meet the stringent auction house deadlines. “We’re pleased to receive this award which highlights our status as one of the leading providers of auction finance. We have great relationships with the auction houses, whereby they trust us to assist their buyers, and we’re currently expanding our auction team to meet the growing demand within this market. “Once seen as the preserve of property professionals, auctions have become much more accessible and popular as the public become more aware of how they work and the bargains that can be found, but the buying process is quite different to the traditional property purchase, which is why it’s important to work with a specialist in auction finance.” Together also works with a wide range of professional introducers, including accountants, solicitors, banks and independent financial advisers, to provide funding for businesses, entrepreneurs, property investors and landlords, and has enjoyed robust demand across all of its products in recent years as the alternative finance sector has grown. The company increased new lending by nearly 40% in the 12 months to 30 June 2016, topping £1 billion for the first time in its 42 year history and grew its loan book by over 26% in the same period, with it currently standing in excess of £1.8 billion. To achieve this, Together has invested heavily in its infrastructure and its people, with staff headcount having increased by 22% in the past year, to more than 460 employees at its head office in South Manchester. Company: Together Name: Scott Hendry Email: scott.hendry@togethermoney.com Web Address: www.togethermoney.com Address: Lake View, Lakeside, Cheadle SK8 3GW Telephone: 07778 150 845 Together was established in 1974 and, having traded successfully for 42 years, is now firmly established in the specialist lending sector, offering auction finance, short-term finance, residential, buy- to-let and commercial mortgages, and secured loans. Best for Auction Financing 2016 - UK With offices in over 20 counties in the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East and almost 5000 consultants, Protiviti provides focused consultancy services to clients across a range of markets including financial services, energy, consumer & industrial products, healthcare and telecoms, among others. Mark talks us through the firm’s service offering in greater detail and shares some more information about the client base his company supports. “Here at Protiviti, we team with Management and Board of Directors to identify, manage and remediate risk in order to help them solve critical business problems, better achieve their strategic objectives and face the future with confidence.” “Our high quality service and strong technical expertise in regulatory change, business transformation, technology and compliance risk has led us to work with some major clients, including over 60% of the Fortune 1000, 40% of the FTSE100, although we also work with clients in midsize and private sector businesses.” Within the industry currently, Mark is seeing an increase in demand for risk and business consultancy services, as well as increased competition for his firm. This growth is reflective of the change and uncertainty in global markets the corporate world faces, which is creating a dynamic environment as macro-economic, geopolitical, industry and competitor issues such as, the implication of Brexit, have an impact on companies around the world. What sets Protiviti apart, according to Mark, is the firm’s client focus and tailored collaborative approach. “Currently the consultancy market is buoyant, but also evolving, as clients seek draw a distinction between firms offering implementation services and high value advisory support. “Despite facing strong competition, Protiviti is unique in thismarket as we are able to offer both, utilising our experienced and dedicated staff and our strong collaborative approach to partner with clients and help them achieve their goals. “Having an international base and working together with our colleagues around the world means that we can provide a truly global service, incorporating cross border consultancy and offering solutions that help clients to adapt to an increasingly global corporate marketplace.” Looking ahead, Mark described the firm’s plans for further expansion in order to continue providing clients with the high quality services which the firm prides itself on. “Since its inception 14 years ago, Protiviti has had strong year on year growth, which we intend to build upon further going forward, with a plan to double the firm’s size in the next two to three years seeking to expand into new regions in order to offer our innovative, collaborative approach to a greater client base, as well as enhancing our ability to support our current clients. “Ultimately, we are truly honoured to be recognised with awards such as this, as they help to spread the word about our excellent services and allow us to showcase the work we do. We look forward to an even brighter future and are excited about the opportunities to come.” Mark Peters Managing Director mark.peters@protiviti.co.uk The Shard, 32 London Bridge Street, London SE1 9SG +44 20 7389 0413 Company: Protiviti Website: www.protiviti.com/en-UK Protiviti is a global risk and business consultancy supporting clients in a wide range of industries. We spoke to Managing Director Mark Peters to learn more. Best Business Consulting Firm 2016 - UK

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