2016 Finance Awards

16 / International Finance Awards 2016 www.acquisition-intl.com/2016-finance-awards McCracken Advisory Partners believe that precision is at the heart of every successful merger and acquisition, and, as Keith outlines, it is this that drives the firm’s approach to every transaction. “Here at McCracken, our clients are not looking for approximately the right deal. They are seeking precisely the right deal with precisely the right company. “While other advisors often rush to simplify, we embrace complication. We dig deeper, build stronger relationships, ask tougher questions and relentlessly pursue complete answers to optimize the value of every aspect of the transaction. “Overall, buying or selling a company is about more than money. Price is only the beginning. Cultural fit is crucial. Optimizing the earn-out is critical. At McCracken we operate by this principal and customize our time-tested approach and proven process to help each client grow or sell their business to achieve extraordinary results.” Within the market, Keith believes there is strong growth in deals despite the recent issues such as Brexit uncertainty. “Overall, we can report that M&A activity (deal counts) in the sectors we follow remain buoyant, pretty much reflecting the robust year ago comparisons. Multiples, however, are up over 2015 by ½ to a full point exhibiting not only the continued availability of low interest rates but also a diverse and plentiful buyer landscape. For the better managed agencies with the most sought after attributes its very much a sellers’ market.” Moving forward, Keith describes the firm’s growth plans as it strives to support a wider range of clients whilst retaining its strong focus on excellence. “We want to continue to grow in the future, whilst at the same time retaining our ability to serve every client with our most experienced people being heavily involved from start to finish. We are not willing to sacrifice the quality of our work or the hugely important outcomes our clients deserve and trust McCracken to deliver, and this commitment will be the focus of our future growth strategy.” Company: McCracken Advisory Partners Name: Keith McCracken Email: Keith@mccrackenap.com Web Address: mccrackenap.com Address: 5200 Willson Road, Minneapolis, MN 55436. USA Offices: New York, Minneapolis and Sao Paulo Telephone: +1 952-922-8140 McCracken Advisory Partners is an international M&A consulting firm with both a buy-side and sell- side practice serving clients in the advertising, digital, marketing services, PR and media agency space as well is the marketing technologies sector. We invited Keith McCracken to tell us more. Most Trusted M&A Investment Banking Firm - USA Maverick Trading is completely committed to providing its community of traders with all of the support, technology, training and service that they need to become the best traders possible, as Robb believes that this is the key to the firm’s success. “The cornerstone of the success of our firm is the in the networking and sharing of information among all our traders. We meet as a group several times each week to discuss the markets and potential trade setups. Instead of traders trying to navigate the market individually, our traders are able to leverage the experience and skills of the firm’s management and other traders, producing a dynamic and synergistic effect.” The firm have enjoyed tremendous success over the past year, which Robb believes is due to the its focus on consistency above everything else, which has led to the firm almost doubling its expectations in terms of profitability over the past twelve months. “Over the past year Maverick Trading has been highly successful in both its FX and options divisions. “In our FX division, we always want our traders to focus on profiting 200-250 pips per month. When they can consistently do this, then the size of the position is the only factor, and that is easy to ratchet up. “With regards to our options division, the persistently bullish market made the plucking of profits easier than usual. We focus on spread trading tactics and are careful to hedge our trades and our overall portfolios properly.” Looking ahead, Robb talks us through the firm’s plans for the future, which include growth and expansion for the business. “Moving forward, we have a number of exciting developments coming up which will provide us with some great opportunities. We are currently looking into writing a follow-up book to the highly successful ‘Maverick Trading: Professional Techniques to Create Generational Wealth.’ The second book will explore our FX tactics. We have also discussed opening an e-mini futures division, but those discussions are still on the table. “Additionally, the number of new traders we bring on is directly correlated with the profitability of the traders, so we are planning to see some fantastic growth in the size of both divisions of our firm over the next Company: Maverick Trading Email: jon@mavericktrading.com Web Address: www.mavericktrading.com/ apply.php and www.maverickfx.com/apply Best Proprietary Trading Firm - USA Maverick Trading is a world-class private equity proprietary trading firm, focusing on equity options and Forex currencies trading. We invited Robb Reinhold, the firm’s Principal, to tell us more about the firm and the work it undertakes.

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