2016 Finance Awards

International Finance Awards 2016 / 15 OE160026 Established in 2013, InHub has always been focused on its core mission: to use innovation to give people back their most valuable asset: time. Ariana Amplo, former institutional investment consultant started InHub after being surprised and frustrated by the archaic nature of the RFPs (email, word documents, and snail mail) she witnessed through her work at CitiBank and Morgan Stanley. Ultimately recognizing the institutional investment community deserved better for such an important practice. As such the firm serves as a solution for retirement plans, foundations & endowments, healthcare organizations, insurance plans, and the investment consultants who serve them. By working with InHub’s technology these in-demand professionals can more easily evaluate qualified candidates in a customized (and documented) process, and not be overburdened with the administration of it. InHub’s vision is to help fiduciaries hire, prudently & efficiently, at the speed of business. To achieve these ambitious aims the firm has created a simple but unique online request for proposal platform, eRFP, which was launched in 2014 to modernize the traditional process rather than replace it. eRFP offers a centralized, and flexible tool no matter the size of an organisation, number of candidates or type of search. Upgrading the process allows users to get to the important aspect of their work - evaluating proposals and making better and quicker hiring decisions. InHub also offers additional assistance to institutional investors evaluating investment consultants, including sample questions, virtual tips, and matching potential candidates from a proprietary network. The firm operates not as a database, but rather as the next step in many cases. Often organisations use public information and third party databases to narrow down the universe to a smaller list of qualified candidates. From there typically either a custom RFP is issued, or a general DDQ to support a proprietary data library. This is where InHub’s digital eRFP tool comes in. Users of eRFP can also issue ‘invite-only’ or ‘open-invitation’ searches and should expect to see several new features in early 2017. Ultimately, combining industry leading support with pioneering technology, InHub has created a solution which is poised to change the way institutional allocators allocate and operate for the better. And it appears they are well on their way, having issued RFPs for over $60,000,000,000 in institutional assets in the last 24 months. Company: InHub LLC Phone: 773 688 8801 Email: press@theinhub.com Website: http://theinhub.com/partners/eRFP/ InHub LLC helps the Institutional Investment Community bring the once cumbersome, Request for Proposal (RFP) process, online through an innovate and elegant eRFP tool. RFPs, Request for Information (RFIs) and Due Diligence Questionnaires (DDQs) can be created, issued and collected online by Institutional Allocators for: Investment Consultants, Asset Managers, Recordkeepers, Actuaries, Auditors and more. We profile this innovative and dynamic business and explore the secrets behind its success. Most Innovative Institutional Investment Platform - USA Established in 2002, GÜRLICH & Co operates in a wide range of practice areas including business transactions; civil law; intellectual property; corporate law and business law; public procurement; labour law; real estate; and litigation. All members of the firm are experienced lawyers possessing outstanding professional expertise in various branches of law and are able to support clients with any query. Currently, the firm consists of many lawyers who are supported by a qualified office staff. Besides, on a case to case basis, the firm also collaborate with many other external specialists and free-lance lawyers in order to support clients. The firm is fully capable of offering legal services to both individuals and legal entities in almost all fields of civil and commercial law, all over the territory of the Czech Republic, with the ability to provide legal services both Czech and English. In the event of cross-border transactions and litigation, the practice hires its cooperating international law offices as well as external foreign lawyers. Still, this Law Firm remains a purely Czech legal office free of any financial or other influence exerted by foreign and/or local nationals. This allows the firm to provide its services in compliance with law, professionally and independently. Ultimately, it is its vast service offering and dedication to client service that sets GÜRLICH & Co apart from its competitors and marks it out as a great option for any client requiring legal support. Company: GÜRLICH & Co Address: Politickych veznu 19, 110 00 Prague 1, Czech Republic Phone: +420 222 101 591 Fax: +420 222 101 590 Email: info@akrg.cz Website: www.akrg.cz GÜRLICH & Co is a legal firm based in the Czech Republic offering a wide range of services. We profile the firm and explore the secrets behind its success. Best Real Estate Investment Law Firm - Czech Republic

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