2015 Legal Awards

Legal Awards 2015 M&A awards 99 LEGAL awards ~ Best Medical Liability Law Firm - USA Founded in 1992, Rosenblum Newfield, LLC is a law practice with offices in New York and Connecticut. It has estab- lished a record of accomplishment based on its core values and on proprietary methodologies that have proven suc- cessful for its clients. We are happy to report that our clients have remained with us for years. They like the personal service. They like our expertise. They like our responsiveness. And they like our results. Clients receive the warmth and personal attention of small firms and the depth and expertise of large firms. The firm concentrates in the defense side of civil litigation matters (with a special focus in medical liability cases/malpractice claims), administrative hearings and health care law. It is known for highly informed representation of medical professionals, nursing homes, home health care companies, and businesses in a variety of other industries. It maintains relationships with liability insurers throughout the United States, based on an appreciation of the business and financial pressures these companies face, as well as their reporting and procedural needs. Its model is to remain a small firm of experienced lawyers. Each client receives the individual attention of senior attorneys. Electronic healthcare records and cyber Liability continue to be growing challenges. They change the way information is stored, evaluated and transmitted. Health care communications has always been an art. It is still an art, but digitization has add to the complexity of the process. Rosenblum Newfield provides specialized services in this and other emerging areas of the law, including prac- tice management, coordination with hospitals and physician owned mega-groups, and large joint enterprises. The transformation of American Medicine now includes transformation of the structure of healthcare delivery. The interference between government programs and private insurance, plus changing methods of account- ability and impersonalization of health care governance, make it essential for health care providers to have counsel who works closely with them in navigating all these pitfalls. Rosenblum Newfield has the experience and expertise in medical liability defense and risk management To help providers meet these needs. Lawsuits against health care professionals, particularly unfounded claims of malpractice can threaten a pro- vider’s productivity, reputation and financial well-beingThe increasing role of state disciplinary agencies adds further challenge to any medical complaint. We would be happy to meet you at your office, in the United States, Europe, or elsewhere. We are also happy to discuss the legal climate in the jurisdictions where we practice - no charge. Rosenblum Newfield has successfully represented nursing homes in New York and Connecticut, both at trial and on appeal. The firm brings to bear broad and deep experience in areas of the law specific to nursing homes i.e. Extensive, state and federal regulations, Rules regulations and protocols and Record keeping. As health care costs continue to rise, and as the need for elder care explodes with the aging of our population, home health care agencies are, in many cases, providing a more cost effective alternative to inpatient skilled nursing care. Providing care in the intimacy of the patient’s home can lead to liability claims similar, in some cases, to those possible in nursing home care, and some that are very different. In the home, there is often greater interaction with families and patients may have more independence than they would in a nursing home setting. In addition, care is often provided one-on-one so there may be no other health care profession- als on site to corroborate adherence to proper protocols. Rosenblum Newfield has the experience and track record of success to defend home health care clients against claims related to: falls; medication problems; management of medical emergencies; psychiatric prob- lems; intravenous care; pressure sores & wound care; oxygen administration, pediatric care, transportation issues and accidents. Company: Rosenblum Newfield LLC Name: James Rosenblum Email: jbresq@msn.com Web Address: www.rosenblumnewfield.com Telephone: 203.358.9200 Rosenblum & Newfield

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