2015 Legal Awards

http://www.acquisition-intl.com/2015-legal-awards M&A awards 88 LEGAL awards ~ Best Personal Injury Lawyer - Canada The Miskin Law Office based near the City of Toronto, in the province of Ontario, is one of very few Canadian personal injury law firms with a national focus, representing clients from all parts of Canada. Our firm members travel across Canada to see clients as needed for cases. In Canada’s constitution, the law of contract is a provincial and not a federal jurisdiction. Lawyers are licensed provincially. The law of insurance is set on a provincial basis. Most Canadian personal injury law firms work only in the province where they are located and access courts in their local area. These firms focus on motor vehicle and other accident compensation, which comes through liability insurance. Miskin Law Office does that, and much more. Miskin Law Office brings claims for people across Canada internationally and in particular in the United States. Since the 1980s, Murray Miskin has regularly attended American legal conventions and worked with US lawyers on cases involving Canadians injured in the United States and Americans injured while in Canada. The international work expanded as the Miskin Law Firm began acting for Canadians in drug manufacturer liability cases in 2004 with the recall of the drug Vioxx. In an effort to maximize compensation for clients from every part of Canada, Miskin Law brought Vioxx claims to US Courts. That case settled in the US on the basis that foreign claimants would not be entitled to compensation and would have to proceed in their own jurisdiction to bring their claims. This led to Miskin Law working with Canadian Class actions brought in each Province of Canada, settling nationally to get client compensation. This work has continued with other drug cases now pending. While working with an American law firm on Vioxx cases, the Miskin Law firm was encouraged to find clients in Canada for asbestos cancer compensation claims. One form of cancer, Mesothelioma, can only be caused by exposure to asbestos and so there is maximum compensation for it. Canadians are entitled to claim from asbestos trust funds set up from bankrupt companies, which have man- ufactured asbestos products. Most of these companies have provided products to Canada and also operated in Canada. Canadians are eligible to claim compensation from US based asbestos trust funds and Miskin Law represents individuals from across Canada in making these claims. The Miskin Law firm is Canada’s national personal injury law firm working hard to provide quality legal services to clients in every part of the country. Company: Miskin Law Office Name: Murray H. Miskin Email: miskinlaw@yahoo.com Web Address: www.adrworks.com Address: 263-380 Armour Rd., Peterborough Ontario Canada K9H 7L7 Telephone: 1-416-492-0989 Miskin Law Offices

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