2015 Legal Awards

http://www.acquisition-intl.com/2015-legal-awards M&A awards 84 LEGAL awards ~ Best M&A Due Diligence Platform 2015 Merrill Corporation is a firm which prides itself on reputation for industry leadership and exceptional service. Merlin Piscitelli talks us through the firm and the role it plays in document management and due diligence. Merrill Corporation has provided secure document management and communications solutions to the world’s leading corporations and their advisors for nearly 50 years. We have experience of working on major financial events of all types and sizes globally through our market-leading virtual data room, our expert financial print services, and our innovative document collaboration systems – all focussed on helping clients achieve their business goals. For us here at Merrill Corp, it’s always been vitally important that we understand our clients and the world they operate in. We need to know what pressures they face, what they are trying to accomplish and basically use that knowledge to expedite fast and efficient delivery for them through our services – ultimately aimed at making their jobs easier. This award for Best Due Diligence Platform to the legal industry is really important to us. Awards, such as this, validate what we are doing for our clients and that we are doing the right thing. The legal advisors we work with on a daily basis have an incredibly large workload; they are time pressed each and every day; and the expectations on them from their clients are always exacting. So, for us to work with these professionals, to build relationships with them and establish trust that spans years is a truly significant achievement for our business. Merrill Corporation has never stood still as an organisation. We embrace change and continually develop our business and our value-add proposition to clients as part of our DNA. This is where the DataSite due diligence platform sprang from, as we were the first to market, replacing the traditional paper document room 15 years ago. And, it’s why we continue to develop new solutions, such as Merrill Bridge, a collaboration tool for online regulatory filing. We know that the world our clients work in never stands still either. They have changing needs related to new markets opening up or closing down, new regulations being applied in their country or across borders, new technology hitting the headlines or being withdrawn, and we adapt our approach and services anticipating these changes, so our relationships with our clients can continue to develop, thrive and grow. Company: Merrill Corporation Name: Merlin Piscitelli Email: Merlin.Piscitelli@merrillcorp.com Web Address: www.merrillcorp.com Address: 101 Finsbury Pavement, London, EC2A 1ER Telephone: 0207 422 6266 Merrill Corporation

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