2015 Legal Awards

M&A awards Legal Awards 2015 55 LEGAL awards Muzaffar Mansoor is a well-known Solicitor Advocate, Founder, Senior Member and Chief Executive of Dean Manson LLP Solicitors. As a human rights activist and lawyer, he has served and benefitted the communities since 1996. Since 2006 Dean Manson Solicitors have been able to help over 5400 human beings pro bono free of costs. He has successfully advocated 100s of immigration, deportation, removal, asylum and human rights cases. He is a philanthropist and fundraiser who facilitates charitable causes and educational development. He has been contributing as an approved local authority governor of education since 2007. The Law society of Eng- land and Wales has recognised his pro bono social responsibility services for an Excellence Award in 2008. His services to humanity in West Africa are phenomenal. In 1990 he opened a chain of science and tech- nology based educational institutions - nursery to post-secondary schools, “Kano Model Schools” in Nigeria benefitted 1000s of students who have excelled in many fields such as Medicine, Pharmacy, Engineering, Education, Economy, Accountancy, Law, Aviation and other professions in Nigeria and Diaspora. He has encouraged and motivated the less privileged students with educational scholarships at all levels of each year. His services in Nigeria have contributed immensely to the social and economic development of agriculture and wheat production. He believes that education constitutes the core of human development and is also a veritable tool for transformation and sustenance of qualitative life. He is much focused, respectful, composed, charismatic and receptive. He sets some clearly defined goals and provides a clear vision and guidance for achieving these desired goals. The school is nurtured in his able guidance. Today, the school enjoys a wonderful reputation and commands a great deal of respect in educational circles of Nigeria and Africa especially in Science, Agriculture and Technology projects. Mr. Mansoor’s contribution and achievements to the development of humanity are varied and of far-reaching impact to the present and future of Nigeria. He has been advocating immigration, asylum and human rights cases in the tribunals of England and Wales since 1996 during his pre-qualification training period. One of his cases before IAT was reported in the Immi- gration Law Digest, January 2000 on page 34. He is a Solicitor Advocate with a Higher Courts Civil Advocacy qualification since 05.10.2013. He is a recognised expert in asylum and human rights Pakistan cases. Mr Mansoor has had conduct of various other matters including benefit fraud, parking, family law, child abduction and contact, nullity, divorce, domestic violence, land and tenant matters, evictions and posses- sions, setting aside orders, personal injury, libel and defamation, assessment of costs and road traffic offenses including insurance and driving and sale of knives to under 18, in the Tribunals, County Courts, Magistrate Courts, Senior Courts Costs Office, Family Court, High Court, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court. He has made a successful out of office hours’ emergency application before the Duty High Court Judge in order to make the child ward of court prevent his removal to another jurisdiction and bring the client back to the UK and avail her contact with the child. After three hearings, the child was returned to the care of her mother by order of the court. The whole work for over £25000 was done on pro bono. It was a unique case in the history of the Home Office for non EEA family members and a new precedent was set to allow the client to return to the UK. The Liberian community is proud of Mr Mansoor for his role in taking timely initiative in bringing back the dignity and restoring the human rights of the Liberian people so that they can once again take their rightful place among the comity of nations as an Ebola free country. The World Health Organization has declared Liberia an Ebola free nation since 3rd May, 2015 if no new cases are reported. He has been extending his voluntary services as a legal adviser to ULOUK - Union of Liberian Organisations in the UK since 2008. He is somebody you can rely on. He is honest trustworthy, humble, highly skilful, competent and really deserves to be recognised. Company: Dean Manson LLP Solicitors Name: Muzaffar Mansoor Email: info@deanmanson.com Web Address: www.deanmanson.com Address: 243 Mitcham Road, London, SW17 9JQ Telephone: 020 8767 5000

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