2015 Legal Awards

http://www.acquisition-intl.com/2015-legal-awards M&A awards 30 LEGAL awards ~ Best for Contentious IP - Germany Pinsent Masons is an international firm with offices in the UK, Continental Europe, Asia and Australia. At their firm, almost 1900 legal advisors help clients achieve their goals, and their roots date back about 250 years. With this wealth of experience, Pinsent Masons firmly believe that they can deal with whatever demand or needs their diverse range of clients may have. We spoke to Marc L. Holtorf, Partner at Pinsent Masons, to find out more. Although our company has been around for quite a long time, Pinsent Masons is always providing up to date and innovative legal solutions and state of the art legal services. A testament of this is that we have just won the Financial Times “Innovative Lawyers” award. From our experience, the overall legal market is growing but on a more moderate basis. Therefore, it is interesting how the legal market is reacting. In this environment, we are seeing an increased importance of the large international firms like Pinsent Masons that can offer a truly global reach. Furthermore, in certain legal areas highly specialised national boutique firms are also doing quite well. With this in mind, we believe that the German market will become more and more difficult for mid-sized national firms that do not have either a sector-focused or international approach. Despite the many changes occurring in the legal world, the fundamental attributes to be successful haven’t change so much over the years. Like many other successful law firms, Pinsent Masons provide high quality and efficient legal services, with the advice tailored to the client’s business needs. What has changed drasti- cally in the recent years is the way legal services are provided and that trend is not going to stop at any time soon. IT solutions will continue to help deliver legal services and probably also replace a certain amount of commodity work. Pinsent Masons is certainly at the cutting edge of delivering legal services by using technolo- gy that is truly state of the art. It is no secret that nowadays even industries that used to have a relatively simple business model are becoming increasingly more complex because modern technology is changing everything. Alongside these developments, regulatory requirements are tightening faster and faster. We work in a lot of these of high tech and highly regulated industries, including financial services, energy and infrastructure as well as advanced manufacturing and technology sectors such as life sciences, healthcare, IT and automotive. In order to ensure that we are at the forefront of our industry, we identify important business, legal and tech- nology trends by applying a strategic approach and we allocate the appropriate amount of human and other resources to help our clients to understand the challenges and opportunities. Examples of such trends are connected driving, smart cities and homes, mobile payments, sharing economy and digital health. Above all, we believe that being a fully integrated firm is the best approach for our clients. It ensures, among other things, that the best people for a job will actually do it. Therefore, our most important benchmark is always how the entire business is doing compared to our plans to provide even better services, e.g. in terms of new product offerings or new offices. Company: Pinsent Masons Germany LLP Name: Marc L. Holtorf Email: marc.holtorf@pinsentmasons.com Web Address: www.pinsentmasons.com Address: Ottostraße 21, 80333 Munich, Germany Telephone: +49 89 20 30 43 574 Pinsent Masons

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