2015 Legal Awards

http://www.acquisition-intl.com/2015-legal-awards M&A awards 28 LEGAL awards ~ Best Litigation and Arbitration Specialist - Korea Lee International IP & Law Group is a synergistic team of passionate and exceptionally skilled professionals special- ising in litigation and arbitration. We speak to Lance Lee who explains the firm’s strategy and how this has ultimately led to him winning this prestigious award. Company: Lee International IP & Law Group Name: Lance Lee Email: lblee@leeinternational.com Web Address: www.leeinternational.com Address: 14F Poongsan Building, 23 Chungjeongro, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul 120-013, Korea Telephone: 82-2-2262-6037 Founded in 1961, Lee International IP & Law Group are a diverse group of individuals who have come togeth- er from different backgrounds and experiences to achieve success. As a full service law firm, our multilingual members connect with multinational corporate and individual clients from various countries, cultures and traditions to meet each of their specialized needs. Our firm operates in Korea, which boasts a dynamic legal industry Korea which is globalizing at a rapid pace. Korean companies are heavily investing overseas and multinational companies’ investments into Korea are concurrently on the rise. A major outside influence amidst this change is the increasing impact of innovation: technological, legal and corporate. Amidst new methods of resolving commercial issues, a major issue for innovation in the legal industry is the inherent challenge of “stepping out of the box” and adopting innovative new methods of handling emerging legal issues. We believe that flexibility and innovative thinking in approaching legal issues are important attributes for suc- cess in the legal industry. There are three things that I encourage my colleagues and associates to do when completing tasks on a daily level: Pause, reflect, and suggest a new, transformational approach toward resolv- ing a current issue. The legal industry in and of itself is full of cutting edge issues driven by new technologies and products, which makes it fertile grounds for innovation. When an issue emerges, what is encouraged is to not just formulate a by-the-book response from a purely legal perspective, but to assess how to optimize long-term benefit for the company. In order to ensure we achieve this, I look for both prospective employees and potential clients who have the ability to think outside of the box in approaching an issue. When an issue emerges, are we simply formulating a by-the-book response from a purely legal vantage point, or are we looking ahead of the game and tackling the issue of how one can do something better for the future. Choosing our clients carefully means we are able to build a strong relationship with them. We focus on devel- oping long-term partnerships with our clients, and not short-term gain for the benefit of one party or entity. In other words, we view the success and well-being of our clients directly as our success and well-being. This philosophy is manifested in our services, where the best interests of the client are put first, and we then align our interests with those of our clients. Our partnerships with law firms on a global level are also long-lasting, and for the long-term benefit. Even if in current immediate circumstances, it may appear that a legal issue in one part of the world is separate and independent, that issue will invariably impact similar issues in another part of the world. Thus, our global network of law firms enables us to raise and resolve issues initially occurring domestically for our clients on a global level.

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