2015 Legal Awards

M&A awards Legal Awards 2015 23 LEGAL awards Diversity is important to the firm as individuals and as a business, and the wider economic environment remains a significant challenge. Their particular strengths as a firm have helped them to remain busy and provide a positive and constructive service to all their clients. They firmly believe in maintaining a sense of perspective – the firm’s clients will certainly be best served if an element of warmth and humour is in the mix. History CL@Cameira Legal is a leading Portuguese and Brazilian law firm with its roots in the City of London and Lisbon, a prestigious, international client base and a reputation for excellence. Established over a decade ago, with the objective of creating a unique legal bridge linking international investors carrying out business through the UK’s financial centre to Portugal and, particularly, Brazil. Always forward-looking and ahead of the game, they continue their proud tradition of providing business-fo- cused legal advice that goes beyond borders and narrow areas of expertise. Committed to quality of service and outcome, they remain at the forefront of an evolving legal industry as it adapts to the demands of an increasingly complex, faster moving, more interconnected world. International Position CL@Cameira Legal is a full service practice with offices in two continents and three countries with the neces- sary expertise to find innovative solutions to the most complex of legal problems. They actively contribute to the cutting edge of knowledge as it develops in the legal industry with their profes- sionals regularly delivering high quality analyses and presentations of both cross-border and jurisdiction-spe- cific legal issues currently facing businesses, to an international audience of lawyers and business figures. The firm also regularly publishes in leading academic journals. Their expertise is supported by a solid infrastructure of administrative staff, IT systems and sophisticated document management processes that allows for a seamless process from start to finish in managing and obtaining successful outcomes in clients’ legal matters and cases. Also, their reputation is confirmed by the firm’s rankings in the legal directories. Approach - Unwavering Commitment to Excellence Insight, experience and commercial acumen are just some of the qualities that CL@Cameira Legal’s profes- sionals have in order to achieve success for their clients. The firm understands what legal advice they want and how they want their services delivered, cutting through complexity to provide clarity, precision and insight- fulness. Constantly striving to find the best solutions, they aim to build enduring relationships. Teamwork – with clients, other law firms and each other – is at the heart of their work philosophy, recognising that their impact is greater when they combine energies. Business Immigration Cameira Legal offer their clients world class immigration services and they have a dedicated Practice Groups that work with clients to ensure that their programs are in compliance with local immigration regulations. The professionals in these practice areas have the in-depth knowledge and experience to provide their clients with strategic advice and efficient solutions necessary to create sound programs. As provider of immigration services, they are able to provide effective and efficient solutions for any type of mi- gration needs anywhere in the world. Their knowledge of the priorities, needs and challenges of the industries they serve enables them to provide immigration counsel best suited to each client. Their knowledge of international legal, regulatory and policy issues allows them to provide their clients with strategic advice and effective and efficient immigration solutions to assist them in achieving and maintaining a competitive edge in the global marketplace. The firm place particular emphasis on partnering with their clients to deliver highly personalized service. They invest time and resources throughout the course of our relationships to truly understand their clients’ business drivers and refine their service model to meet their evolving needs. They continuously evaluate and enhance their processes and technology to implement innovative solutions that improve efficiencies, add value and control the bottom line for their clients. Careers Cameira Legal are recognised for their differentiated approach to attracting, retaining and developing great people. In their organization, whether they are a partner, associate, HR practitioner or secretary, they need to be highly skilled and highly motivated. In order to make a valid contribution to the development of their clients’ businesses every one of their staff has to share a very simple, but very successful, philosophy. The firm aim to constantly, and consistently, set new standards in the commercial value they offer to their clients as well as in the quality of their legal advice. That’s why they need talented and motivated individuals who can be extremely effective business people as well as extremely efficient lawyers. Company: Cameira Legal Name: Maria Antónia Cameira Email: mac@cameiralegal.com Web Address: www.cameiralegal.com Address: Av. Eng. Duarte Pacheco, Torre 1, 6º Piso, 1070-101 Lisboa, Portugal Telephone: 00351 21 342 1086

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