2015 Legal Awards

Legal Awards 2015 M&A awards 115 LEGAL awards ~ Best for Financial Mis-Selling - UK A firm of solicitors who specialise in pursuing claims for financial mis-selling and other professional negligence mat- ters, Wixted & Co Solicitors founder Tim Wixted gave us his thoughts on what winning this award means to him and shared his insights into what makes his firm stand out from the competition. We are delighted that our success in assisting people in recovering losses and securing compensation from financial advisers and other connected parties who have recommended unsuitable investments, pension transfers and other similar financial products, has be recognised in the AI Legal Awards. Many of our clients are low risk investors who have been advised to place money into products or schemes where there are inherent risks involved. Such products are often wholly unsuitable for our clients due to the high risk or speculative nature of the investment. We encounter an increasing number of situations where the level of risk involved is inaccurately explained and our clients’ attitude toward risk is improperly assessed or classified. Poor or wrong advice in this area can potentially affects the level of financial security that people have during their retirement years. The wrong decision, founded on misinformation, can have devastating consequences. Choices abound in the market today which can leave those with little or no previous investment experience vulnerable as they make their financial decisions. We are particularly concerned that the introduction of recent pension reforms, which give people a greater degree of freedom and flexibility over how they use their pension funds, may lead to increase in the number of financial mis-selling victims. We are able to offer our clients a ‘no win, no fee’ service, where we assess the merits of a potential claim by identifying any breaches of financial regulatory rules and provisions on contractual and negligence law. We then advise our clients on the best course of action available to them, which may involve litigation and recourse to formal Court proceedings should it not prove possible to resolve the matter directly with the party we deem responsible for the loss beforehand. We also consider and provide alternate methods of dispute resolution when available to the client. The financial markets and landscape are ever-changing and 2015 has seen challenges emerge. Expecting this trend to continue into 2016 and beyond, particularly as further regulatory reforms are planned, we are proud of our results to date but know that we cannot rest on our laurels. Address: 57 Putney Bridge Road, London, SW18 1NP Tel: 0208 877 8700 Email: law@wixtedandco.co.uk Web address: www.neglectassist.co.uk Wixted and Co Ltd

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