2015 Legal Awards

http://www.acquisition-intl.com/2015-legal-awards M&A awards 108 LEGAL awards ~ Best Corporate Barrister - UK St Philips Chambers is one of the largest sets of barristers in England and Wales with around 170 barristers practising from chambers in Birmingham, Leeds and London. We spoke to them about how they have become, and continue to be, leading practitioners in their field. As a multi-disciplinary team, we can provide our clients with a highly diverse set of services. A one stop approach is one which is favoured by our clients, not the least because of the depth and breadth of expertise that is available at our chambers. The fact that within the same organisation we also have experts on relevant areas of criminal and even matrimonial law gives us an advantage that most firms of solicitors practising at a high level in the corporate field do not have. In terms of client service, the members of Chambers benefit from long standing relationships, often built up over decades, with our clients, and the first and foremost objective is to deliver clear and pragmatic advice in concert with the other advisors instructed. We are team players and recognise that just as we bring particular expertise and experience to a matter, so do the other professionals involved. With specialist practice groups, members are often at the forefront of pushing the boundaries of established law, and never far behind. Being a part of the overall team ensures that we work in conjunction with all the stakeholders to deliver the overall service that meets the client’s overall needs. Members provide regular train- ing to solicitors and other professionals as well attending training provided by them, and thereby ensure that we keep up to date, both technically and commercially. We work in a highly competitive industry and we are constantly adapting and evolving to ensure that we remain at its forefront. In order to ensure that they can respond to clients’ needs, our barristers at St Philips must keep abreast of the latest commercial and legal issues facing our clients. For us, technical excellence simply goes without saying. Successful practitioners also need to be commercially aware, responsive and user friendly. Furthermore, a willingness to really understand a client’s business and to give candid advice are crucial. In our work there is no room for sitting on the fence. Although we are always up to date with any development in our industry, we do not like to compare ourselves to our competitors but rather feel that our success is measured by what our clients say about us, as that carries the most weight. Success is helping the clients to achieve their objectives. We regard successful outcomes for our clients, repeat business and referrals from existing clients as indications of our own success. Perhaps our most distinguishing feature is that we are a proactive set of chambers which markets to both our existing and potential clients throughout the year. This is done through a comprehensive seminar programme, hospitality, and specific campaigns aimed at particular markets, all designed to give the opportunity to interact with clients, to build new relationships and to cement existing ones. Above all, our corporate team are simply people who want to excel and are prepared to work tirelessly in the interest of their client. It is also essential that our people work together and can build strong relationships based on mutual trust with clients and other professional advisers. Company: St Philips Barristers Name: Joe Wilson Email: enquiries@st-philips.com Web Address: www.st-philipscommercial.com www.st-philips.com Address: 55 Temple Row, Birmingham B2 5LS. 41 Park Square, Leeds LS1 2NP. 9 Gower Street, London, WC1E 6HB. Telephone: 0121 246 7000 St Philips Chambers

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