2015 Legal Awards

Legal Awards 2015 M&A awards 103 LEGAL awards ~ Best Immigration Law Firm - Maryland Shah & Kishore specializes in business immigration law. It offers personalized legal services to corporations in the U.S. and overseas. The Firm represents companies applying for H-1B and L-1 visas as well as working on perma- nent resident cases for their employees. Other core competencies of the company include assisting clients in achiev- ing TN and E3 visas. The firm does not involve itself in family based immigration, asylum or deportation cases. The vast majority of their clients are in the information technology industry. Concerning the company’s views on the state of the legal industry in their region at present, what major challenges does it currently face and what are the significant external influence factors? “Immigration is a national practice. The major influence on our niche practice is the anti-immigration politics that in engulfing the country. We represent companies that are hiring skilled IT professionals that are a shortage in the United States. Unfortunately politicians are using immigration as a scapegoat for the economic problems facing our country” explains Devang Shah of Shah and Kishore. Giving his unique view on the attributes a company in his industry or sector should possess in order to become truly successful, Shah responds by saying, “the legal services provided by Shah & Kishore enable a business to leverage its expertise and compete successfully. Technology companies with immigration needs are much more likely to seek experts in the field, such as our firm, rather than use general immigration practitioners. A specialist offers a more thorough outlook and more specific expertise than a generalist. This is especially important with the landscape changes of increased government scrutiny and compliance.” Regarding the approach of the firm Shah & Kishore, what would be Shah’s overriding philosophy to areas such as client service and the acquisition of new business? While Devang Shah has been practicing immigra- tion law for over 20 years, he explains that “the practice focuses on technology workers”. He does not practice family based immigration law or immigration for doctors, landscapers, lifeguards and so on. This allows him to be a critical member of the executive team of smaller companies to guide their growth. “The legal industry is an incredibly diverse and fast-paced place to do business. How do you ensure that your firm remains on the cutting edge of new developments and how do you ensure that you are always best placed to meet your clients’ needs” Shah continues. The law firm Shah and Kishore does focus very stromgly on the area of immigration law, enabling managing Partner, Devang Shah, to stay abreast of all issues and developments that affect his clients. The firm also employs several employees that have engineering or computer science degree to enable having the subject matter expertise relevant for IT companies. The future “The future of immigration law will become more complex with increased compliance regulations” and Shah concludes that, “he key is to be a part of the “executive team” for our clients where we can provide strategic analysis and recommendations when we counsel our clients. Company: Shah and Kishore Name: Devang Shah Email: Shah@Shahandkishore.com Web Address: www.shahandkishore.com Address: 9201 Corporate Blvd. Suite 330, Rockville, MD 20850 Telephone: 301 315 0001 Shah & Kishore

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