2015 Legal Awards

http://www.acquisition-intl.com/2015-legal-awards M&A awards 102 LEGAL awards ~ Best International Management Consultants - UAE Since 1984, Senat has been assisting individuals, SMEs and start-ups in Dubai. We primarily work on establishing tax efficient corporate structures and helping businesses with mergers and acquisitions, corporate services and expand- ing their operations towards the Middle East and Asia. The United Arab Emirates is an area with many cultures and backgrounds. It is important to be open-minded, quick on your feet and respect the values of others to be successful. In order to both deliver and exceed our clients’ expectations, we make sure to stay up to date with current news and regulation changes. We believe our business truly stands out through its international team with diverse cultural backgrounds. We are a company who values the relationships we have with our clients and business partners, and their satisfaction is our success. Looking further ahead, we have projects planned in various sectors such as healthcare, IT and education, and we are looking forward to successfully completing them in the near future. The next year will see many changes in the global business dynamics and environment. Through the further process of globalization, all nations are connected and it remains to be seen how the political environment will further influence the world economy. However, the UAE is the perfect location to connect the East and the West. From our perspective, the only option is to face these challenges and opportunities, and prepare to act ac- cordingly in a professional, quick and sophisticated manner. Company: Senat MEA Management Consultancy Email: info@senat-management.com Web: www.senat-management.com Address: Concord Tower Office 2714 Dubai Media City Dubai United Arab Emirates Phone: +971 4 425 3533 Fax +971 4 426 7443 Senat Management Consultancy FZC

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