Executive Coaching: The Secret to Sustained Success

Pivotal Moment Transitions Ltd is a leadership development company. At Pivotal Moment, we support leaders and organisations when major change is afoot, such as individual leadership arrivals or promotions, a merger/ acquisition, a re-positioning within the market, a major re-structuring and more. We do this through enhancing what we call the ‘Interactional Intelligence’ capabilities of the organisation.

Interactional Intelligence harnesses the power of ‘The-brain-in-relationship’ in the service of an organisation’s mission, purpose and profit. For example, we now know that our interactions have the power to divert neural resources away from our executive brain, impairing our ability to think logically and creatively, and to connect with others; they can even affect how our genes behave.

Our conversations can promote disconnection, risk aversion and silo thinking, or they can prime brain chemistry for partnering, aspiration and innovation. These elements drive organisational culture and are critical when a business is under pressure, facing change and needing its people’s best collective performance to succeed.

Pivotal Moment Transitions provides a wide range of support which includes: brain-based coaching; Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching for guaranteed leadership growth; frameworks using Conversational Intelligence® and the Thinking Environment®; applied neuroscience for organisations; mindfulness programmes for self-awareness, self-mastery and resilience and an approach we call 3-Dimensional Mapping, also known as Organisational Constellations. This approach taps into normally unconscious information our brains hold, enabling us to get quickly to sustainable, workable solutions to problems that linear thinking fails to find.

In addition, Pivotal Moment Transitions provides a range of leadership and team diagnostics such as the senior leader and C-Suite Hogan ‘Bright Side’, ‘Dark Side’, ‘Inside’, the MBTI®, and more. We deliver our impactful and practical interventions in one-to-one or group sessions, and in a manner to suit most timeconstraints and budgets.

Pivotal Moment Transitions’ competitive edge lies in an unusual range of cutting edge approaches and tools. Our team members combine many years of experience in a wide range of international commercial settings prior to entering the field of leadership development. The small team here can offer a personal, bespoke service and significant flexibility in terms of client budgets. Members of our team also speak fluent French, German and Spanish, as well as English.

The Pivotal team have worked with large international organisations such as WestLB (now Portigon), ActionAid International and Greenpeace, as well as with national companies such as Network Rail and John Lewis. Pivotal Moment Transitions also supports SMEs, startups and individuals, with most of our work arriving through word of mouth and recommendations from other professionals, such as recruitment consultancies, and from connections we make through networking.

Looking ahead, the possibilities for virtual learning are ever-expanding and we believe that mindfulness, brain-based coaching and 3-D mapping will eventually become standard tools in leading and developing organisations, as they enable us to tap into more of our brain’s unconscious capabilities.

Cutting edge technologies which deliver neurostimulation and neuro-feedback will allow individuals to learn faster and develop targeted areas of their brains’ functioning. An applied neuroscientific startup called Augmind (, which Pivotal Moment Transitions Ltd is currently supporting and mentoring, will launch a unique product later this year designed for this purpose.
If we take a closer look at the trends and developments shaping the industry today, there are two trends which will be critical in how organisations are led, as we enter the 2020’s and beyond.

The first is the neuroscientific evidence on how our interactions throughout the organisation impact the use and distribution of resources in the brain. Thought leaders in the world of applied neuroscience predict that organisations that embrace and incorporate this work into how they operate, will be streets ahead of their competition. Whilst the science can be complex and has only just scratched the surface, the implications for leaders are clear and simple: help your people learn how to use their brains and organisational relationships effectively or you will lose out.

The second is what we call the ‘humanising’ of the workplace, linked to this emerging science and a new understanding of our interconnectedness. This includes completely new models of hierarchy and responsibility within organisations, and more generative rather than extractive forms of corporate ownership, which will necessarily impact professional development and training.
Neuroscience is showing the value of coaching in creating changes in the brain, sustainable behavioural change and optimum performance.

The coaching profession is also tightening up its standards, and ROI studies can demonstrate its positive contribution to the bottom line. In the medium term, the current instability following the Brexit vote opens up enormous opportunities for us to help businesses unleash the untapped power in their collective brains and business relationships to fuel their success at times of uncertainty and potentially restricted resources.

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