Global Mobility: The Key to Success in a Globalised World


Migration to London and the UK has become an appealing prospect for businesses and individuals alike. In line with its ever-increasing prosperity, the London skyline has rocketed skywards to accommodate the new wave of entrepreneurs and businesses chasing opportunity-rich markets. Firing on all cylinders, corporate Britain moves quickly to exploit trends and emerging markets, however it can’t be fully turbo-charged without outside help, and this is where our business takes its cue.

The Visa Office began life working with businesses at the turn of the century when the resident labour market couldn’t provide enough trained engineers to meet the new demand. Through our corporate clients, we witnessed first-hand the remarkable principles of business synergy, where the right employees subsequently generated countless additional UK jobs. Fifteen years later, the corporate landscape has undoubtedly changed. British industry still needs engineers, but the onset of the digital information age, along with the evolution of a service-based economy has created a fresh set of challenges for us to face.

We work with individuals and businesses requiring UK immigration advice, support and representation. We work with a diverse portfolio of businesses, both UK registered and internationals expanding into the UK. From arts and fashion to designers and engineers, we streamline the immigration processes and help our clients pre-emptively deal with immigration trends. As far as our private service is concerned, we understand that moving to a different country is a life-changing decision and we give our clients the dedication and commitment needed to ensure that the immigration process runs as smoothly as possible. Like any organically grown business, the Visa Office provides tailored immigration assistance based on rapport and trust. Immigration and sponsorship applications can seem like a daunting process, which is why we make sure we are there when needed.

Immigration has become a political hot potato in the UK and the British media ensure fresh headlines on the topic each day. British policy has to reflect popular opinion, so immigration goal posts are constantly moved by the Home Office. The challenge facing our business is to help industries access talent while complying with immigration safeguards. This dynamic and subtle balance affects how our clients are evaluated to live, work or study in the UK.

Britain’s rich history of capitalism and soft power means that there is everything here to boost a business, including a world class supply chain and limitless access to multiple markets combined with super low corporate taxes. You want it, here it is, including a skilled, educated and experienced population when you decide you are going to need a bigger workforce. With all these facets, coupled with our business model that helps smart businesses relocate to a better business climate, the decision for our clients inevitably becomes a no brainer.

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